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Arab African International Bank – Education Loan (EduInvest)


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Monthly Repayment


Loan Amount

Type of Loan - Salary Transfer

No Salary Transfer

With Salary Transfer

Features & Benefits

Loan Amount


Loan Term

Up to 7 years.

Competitive Interest Rate

Free life insurance.


  • Education Loan could be given to the student in case he works
  • The parents /guardians could receive the loan amount in case the student doesn’t earn a fixed salary
  • Minimum age of 21 year-old and a maximum of 65 year-old
  • The Loan amount paid directly to the educational entity
  • The customer should have an account with AAIB
  • Minimum loan amount EGP 15,000 and up to EGP 500,000
  • Pay in 12 equal installments yearly to the educational entity
  • Pay interest only for the first 3 years

Documents Required

  • Valid National ID
  • Recent residence utility bill (maximum 3 months)
  • Minimum salary transfer period one month only
  • Commitment letter to transfer the salary from the employer
  • Approved statement of tuition expenses for students

Fees & Charges

  • 2% commission fees
  • 3% for early full payment
  • 2% late payment fee per installment
  • 0.0005% every 3 months stamp duty

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