ALEXBANK – Pensioners Loan


Advertised Rate


Monthly Repayment

Up to 1.5M

Loan Amount

Type of Loan - Pensioners Loans


Secured Loans

Features & Benefits

Loan Amount

Up to EGP 1,500,000.

Loan Term

Up to 12 years.

Free Life Insurance

Extended loan term.


  • Customer age: doesn’t exceed 65 years

Documents Required

  • Pension undertaking to ALEXBANK for full pension transfer
  • Copy of valid national ID
  • Recent telephone, electricity or gas utility bill (maximum 3 months old)

Fees & Charges

  • 2% administrative fee for salaried and pensioner customers
  • 2.5% administrative fee for self-employed customers
  • 3%  (minimum EGP 200) early settlement fees for variable loans, 5% for fixed loans
  • 7% (minimum EGP 200) early settlement fee for draft cheque
  • 2% late payment fee above the applied interest rate on past due amounts with a minimum of EGP 30
  • EGP 30 I-Score fee
  • EGP 200 debit balance certificate
  • EGP 25 for a clearance letter
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