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Suez Canal Bank – Mastercard Titanium Credit Card

Top reasons to get Suez Canal Bank Mastercard Titanium Credit Card

  • Cash withdraw up to 100% of the card limit
  • Up to 57 days grace period on purchases
  • Accepted in local and in international purchases
  • up to 4 Supplementary Cards for family members
  • The lowest interest rate on the unpaid balance
  • Credit limit from EGP 10,000 up to EGP 50,000

Features and Benefits

  • From 5% to 100% for payment from the monthly usage
  • The ability to use Suez Canal Bank MasterCard Standard Credit Card online
  • Ability to change your PIN through Suez Canal bank ATM machines
  • Life insurance coverage on the unpaid balance of the Credit Card
  • Extra online security with One Time Pin (OTP)
  • An optimum level of security for online shopping (3D secured- one-time password)
  • Enjoy the highest level of security when paying for purchases via the contactless technology
  • 3% as a commission on the withdrawn amount with a minimum limit EGP 30
  • Eligible for Egyptians and foreigners
  • Complimentary access to a selected number of  airport lounges in Egypt and in the middle east
  • Enjoy many offers “buy 1 get 1 free” through the MasterCard apps
  • Special deals and discounts at a lot of shops and brands
  • Free SMS notifications
  • 24/7 Call Center service on 19093

Fees and Charges

  • Interest Rate
    2.25% per month. This can change periodically based on your spend, payback and utilization patterns.
  • Annual Fee
    EGP 100
  • Valid National ID
  • Recent utility bill (maximum three months)
  • HR letter / Salary slip / 3 months bank statement
  • Signed application form
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.