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Al Baraka Bank – Albaraka Islamic Mastercard

Albarka Islamic Mastercard

EGP 3,000

Minimum Salary



EGP 75

Annual Fees


Salary Transfer
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Top reasons to get Albaraka Islamic Mastercard

  • Cash withdrawal up to 100% of the card limit inside and outside Egypt
  • Up to 55 days grace period on purchases
  • Accepted in local and in international purchases
  • Isuing Supplementary Albaraka Islamic Mastercard Credit Card with family members
  • No interest rate on the unpaid balance

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 100% for payment from the monthly usage
  • The ability to use the card online
  • Complies with the provisions of Islamic Sharia, according to the Al-Qard Hassan formula.
  • No interest rate applied like other banks
  • Cards could issued to Albaraka customers and to whom wants to deal under Islamic Sharia
  • 100% maximum withdrawal of the total credit
  • Credit limit starts from EGP 5,000 up to EGP 200,000
  • 24/7 Call Center service on 19373

Fees and Charges

  • Account Managment Fee
    EGP 5 for first  EGP 500 and EGP 11 for every EGP 500 after the first EGP 500
  • Annual Fee
    EGP 75
  • Valid National ID
  • Recent utility bill (maximum three months)
  • HR letter / Salary slip / 3 months bank statement
  • Signed application form